What is your brand identity... If you don't know, Mediastep can help!

Shape your brand's core indentity

  • Uncover your brand's essence: brand researching, customer targeting, and competitor analysis to define your colors, personality, and USP (unique selling points)...
  • Brainstorm ideas and reconcile elements to create names, logos, slogans, and communication taglines, while building standard brand guidelines to help professionalize brand image.
  • Deploy Online and Offline publications to synchronize identity on all platforms, when reaching target customers on multiple platforms.

Brand synchronization at the office and publications

  • Elevate your office essentials with our design prowess, crafting everything from business cards to letterheads, flyers, standees, and cover letters, ensuring a unified brand experience for customers and partners.
  • Design and construct POSMs, advertising signs, backdrops... at offices and brand communication events with professional processes, saving time and optimizing costs.
  • Creative design of product packaging, stickers, warranty cards, instructions for use... Increase credibility and boost customer shopping demand.

Design communication/ Marketing identity from the overall to the details of each campaign

  • Unify the design of the brand's communication publication or Marketing campaign in stages: key visual, poster, cover, banner... to increase advertising efficiency, engage and take care of every customer.
  • Content writing and professional designing for company profiles, credentials, portfolios, branding, and sales Websites... Build trust through professionalism, even in the smallest details of your product.
  • Consulting and supporting the production of branding videos, TVC advertising for businesses, serving B2B Marketing needs and screening in events.

Do you need a powerful team to help develop a Marketing Strategy for your business?