Let Mediastep enhance your Facebook Fanpage with always-fresh, vivid images and content for effective customer communication

Synchronize brand identity on Fanpage

  • Research insights and brand guidelines to upgrade brand identity, including avatar, cover, and comprehensive introductory information.
  • Sync posts with creatively designed, linked content to enhance brand awareness on Facebook.

Content creation

  • Support research and content planning with a variety of article genres, offering new perspectives and providing sufficient information to attract maximum user interest.
  • Create trending content, establish a clear target roadmap to expand the customer base, and enhance advertising efficiency and sales.
  • Track the effectiveness of the plan, update reports, and propose content development plans for you to monitor growth situations.

Publish content according to plan

  • Plan your content weekly/ monthly with diverse, creative materials, and post regularly on a schedule to attract more viewers and maintain engagement.
  • Monitor and report engagement indicators, focusing on developing more content with high engagement.
  • Coordinate with promotional campaigns and trending content to update articles and boost engagement.

Effective seeding service

  • Mediastep supports you in strategically seeding brands and products, allowing your customers to quickly grasp information and encouraging purchasing decisions.
  • With a network within various business groups and access to numerous potential customer profiles, Mediastep effortlessly optimizes the Marketing effectiveness of business products on the Facebook platform, garnering many positive and practical comments.

Creative image design

  • The Mediastep team supports designing high-quality images tailored to the content and articles' topics for uploading to your Fanpage.
  • Our editorial team, with many years of experience, crafts article forms and genres to ensure that images and content are consistently "vivid," staying updated with new trends every day.

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