Why do you need to implement online export operation services?

  • Do you lack the personnel to operate your booths on Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com?
  • Language and cultural barriers make it difficult for you to connect with international customers?
  • Unsure about the steps to manage a store on a cross-border E-commerce platform?
  • Don't know how to develop and enhance your competitiveness in the international market?

Our solutions assist you in efficiently operating exports on Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com with a highly capable, hands-on team of specialists.

Operating Services

Booth operation

Supporting you in managing business activities on the booths of Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com.

  • Operate accounts, develop booths, and translate documents on the floors of Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com.
  • Regularly post new products and optimize keywords, boosting your products' visibility on Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com.
  • Commit to achieving star ratings for your store, enhancing credibility and attracting more customers.
  • Respond to all customer messages and emails within 24 hours, ensuring care for existing customers to seize potential export opportunities.
  • Assist you in quickly quoting to buyers upon receiving inquiry letters and finding the right shipping unit as soon as orders are available.
Booth operation

Minisite design

Designing an attractive and impressive minisite for the first-time visitors enhances the conversion rate.

  • Design a professional minisite tailored to customer requirements, compatible with both computer and mobile interfaces.
  • Facilitate global customer outreach with multilingual booth design.
  • Elevate the shopping experience for customers with high-quality product images and banners, adhering to the standards of Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com.
  • Stand out from the competition with a professional brand identity, capturing customers' attention from the first glance.
Minisite design

Professional visual design

Captivate and retain customers through high-quality images with professional photography, design, and editing services.

  • Quickly acquire beautiful and clear product images for posting on your booth and promoting your brand.
  • Ensure sharp, attractive banner image quality to enhance visits to your store.
  • Provide consultancy and offer image design plans tailored to products and categories, complying with the regulations of E-commerce platforms Alibaba.com and SourceVietnam.com.
Professional visual design

Record Business Introduction Videos

Help customers gain a better understanding of the scale and operations within your business through meticulously crafted and invested introductory videos.

  • Brainstorm a film production script that introduces your business (business size, production/work process,...) to highlight the values and messages you want to send to your customers.
  • The entire video production process, from writing the script, organizing shooting, dubbing, editing to post-production refinement is done methodically, helping you own quality and clear footage.
  • Provides a detailed video editing schedule that makes it easy to keep track of your filming progress and ensure it stays on schedule
Record Business Introduction Videos

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