Trade Assurance- Solving the trade puzzle for both sellers and buyers

Trade Assurance helps both buyers and sellers track the tracking number of goods that are in the process of being delivered to buyers - both ensuring reputation for sellers and ensuring safety for buyers.


Strengthening trust between sellers and buyers in online export transactions, building transaction records, and enhancing product visibility on to expand export opportunities for you.

Risk management makes it possible to identify unpotential buyers before making a trade.

Trade Assurance transactions will help you create reliable and transparent online trading records for your clients.


Providing a secure payment method, ensuring the buyer's rights in case of disputes or unforeseen risks for B2B orders.

Orders will be shipped on time as per the contract. In the event of delays, the buyer has the right to request a refund.

Each order is protected for up to 30 days after the buyer receives the item, fostering trust and credibility, encouraging the buyer to continue making purchases over the long term.

When you join the Trade Assurance service you also enjoy exclusive benefits

"Trade Assurance" icon

Become a more professional and trustworthy partner than ever with the 'Trade Assurance' icon prominently displayed on your storefront

Appear in search tabs

All your products are covered on the search tab, contributing to increasing recognition, displaying quality products to shoppers.

Strengthen online profile

Enhance your profile with the Star Rating feature, scoring points with customers when participating in Trade Assurance.

Trade with confidence, peace of mind with Trade Assurance