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Show products with special campaign

Prioritize visibility with your exclusive promotional campaigns, having the opportunity to reach the right audience at the right time, gaining a competitive edge over other competitors on the platform.

Show products on various devices

Double brand exposure when your products are displayed on both computer and mobile platforms, providing convenience for customers to track and search for products.

Show the variety of product information

Introduce diverse outstanding information about your brand, including manufacturing strengths, advanced products, and promotional programs.

Cover your brand across all platforms, every sales channel.

Within the

Your brand is easily recognized by customers from your homepage, product category page, search page, and product-specific page.

Outside the

X5 has the opportunity to promote your brand image when you can expand your reach, reach more potential customers on search channels, social networks or entertainment sites (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google ...).

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Brand Direct

Brand Direct will help introduce your brand to thousands of potential shoppers on as your brand can appear in many prominent places such as:

First-position display

Search suggestions

Direct access

Sponsored Brand Analytics

The ideal analytics tool to help you plan future brand promotion campaigns, aiming at the "right audience, right time, right needs" Marketing goals, including:

Insights analysis

Overall analysis

Campaign evaluation

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